Reddit User Who Leaked Tesla’s Bitcoin Investment News Was Just High – Yahoo Finance

Lets talk about growth. With corona receding, politics growing less exciting, and a new year ahead, investors are getting optimistic and that means theres a hunt for stocks that will bring in strong … [+7352 أخبار المانيا,اهم التقارير الجديدة]

A hacker broke into a Florida town’s water supply and tried to poison it with lye, police said – Washington Post

Then, he watched the hacker whod taken control of the system raise the levels of sodium hydroxide by more than 100 fold, according to police a hazardous level that could sicken residents and corrode … [+4955 te]

US, UK approvals not a priority for Russia COVID-19 vaccine Sputnik V – Business Insider – Business Insider

Russia’s coronavirus vaccine is highly effective, but it won’t be available in the US or UK any time soon, a top Russian official told Insider. Applying for regulatory approval in the US and UK isn’… [+4210 Boom Beach Level 60 Generous Affection ]