Indian coffee shop chain owner’s body found in river –

BANGALORE, India Fishermen Wednesday found the body of an Indian coffee shop chain owner in a river, two days after he disappeared, police said. The body of Cafe Coffee Day founder V.G.Siddhartha has been identified, police Commissioner Sandeep Patel said. H… [+1105 Knox Gear Professional Microphone ]

Morning Rounds: Binge drinking among older Americans is on the rise, new study finds – CBS News

A new study estimates more than one in 10 older Americans binge drink. That’s an increase from the previous decade. The study, out this morning from the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, determined binge drinkers 65 and older were more likely to be … [+3986 Knox Gear Professional Microphone ]

Capital One suspect was apprehended in an FBI raid: VIDEO – Business Insider

A 33-year-old woman named Paige Thompson was arrested Monday in an FBI raid on her Seattle home. Thompson is accused of hacking into Capital One’s servers and exposing data of over 100 million customers in the United States and Canada. The breach expose… [+1167 Kasa Smart WiFi Plug Mini (HS105P3)]

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Hands-On: Keyboard and S Pen improvements – Engadget

Samsung basically turned its stylus into a magic wand. Read our full story on Engadget:… Get More Engadget: Like us on Facebook: us on Twitter:… [+87 JNH Lifestyles MG217HB Sauna]

Android Auto’s biggest upgrade ever is finally rolling out – Ars Technica

28 with 22 posters participating The new Android Auto. The big change is the system bar at the bottom, which can now show tiny app controls. Here are music controls. For reference, this is the old Android Auto. With the music open, you’ll get turn-by-tur… [+3328 JNH Lifestyles MG217HB Sauna]

WATCH: Insane Baseball Brawl Mars Ugly Reds vs. Pirates Game – Mediaite

Baseball brawls are very often more chest-out posturing, pushing and holding back teammates than actual fights. Last night’s fight between the Cincinnati Reds and the Pittsburgh Pirates, however, was the exception that proves the rule. The wild brawl — the v… [+1784 InnoGear Microphone Stand]

Trade talks to continue in September in the US, Chinese state media says – CNBC

The U.S. and China will resume trade negotiations in Washington in September after the two countries discussed increasing Chinese purchases of U.S. agricultural products in the latest talks in Shanghai, Chinese state news agency Xinhua said. The two sides co… [+2099 InnoGear Microphone Stand]

One in 10 older adults binge drinks, increasing health risks –

About 1 in 10 older adults engages in binge drinking, putting them at greater risk for falls and other medical problems. That’s according to new research published Wednesday in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society. “We focus so much on young peopl… [+4190 Hurtle Fitness Vibration Machine (HURVBTR30)]